Velux windows can transform a loft room or provide a natural source of light to gloomy stairwells or a dark kitchen. They will give rooms a new lease of life by allowing natural light to penetrate the inside of a property, creating an immediate feeling of added space. Stormproof Roofing have the skill to fit all types of Velux windows and offer a full repair service.

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Velux Roof Window Installation and Replacement

We love to fit Velux windows, they are a joy to work with and really high quality. The range of windows available from Velux is huge, from a small solution to get some much needed natural light into a stairwell, to larger installations to open up a loft room and flood it with natural light.


Velux also do windows that replicate older style roof windows that are suitable for listed buildings. You may need planning permission on some buildings so please look into this first before calling us.

Some of the advantages of a Velux roof window installation are:

  • More natural light in stairwells, kitchens and loft rooms.

  • Added value to your property.

  • Increased ventilation.

  • Better views from a higher vantage point.

How do you clean a roof window when it seems so inaccessible?

Easy, the window has the ability to flip right over safely so its really easy to clean the inside and the outside. Other options available are roof window blinds in a variety of colours that can be manually or remotely operated.

Each roof window comes with dedicated a flashing kit, a set of carefully made parts that enable the window to be fitted safely and securely to provide a waterproof seal to many different roof coverings. Velux also make a wide range of windows for flat roofs.

Just give us a call and we will come and have a chat about the possible options.