Stormproof Roofing & Cladding Ltd offer a complete roofing repair service in St Albans, Watford, Bushey, Harpenden, Herts and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for an experienced Roofing Contractor to repair your roof, call us for an estimate. If there are just a few tiles or slates that need replacing or gutters and down pipes that need cleaning, you may be able to take advantage of our £95 special offer.

We can also clean your roof so its free from moss and lichen. A build up of moss can get into any cracks in your tiles or slates, freeze and then expand to cause even more damage.

Whenever possible, we will try to get a good mach for to your existing tiles or slates so the repairs will mach the tiles and slates on your roof. 

We cover tiling, slating, leadwork, chimneys, repointing, flatroofs, Velux windows and much more.

Dont forget we also offer other property maintenance services We've been repairing roofs since 1999. Take a look at what our customers say about us.

Common Roofing Problems
roofing slate nail rot.jpg

Nail Rot and Corrosion

One of the most common roofing repairs we do is to replace tiles or slates. There are quite a few reasons why tiles or slates may need repairing. The nails that fix them to the roof may have become corroded and this can cause them to become loose or slide out. If they slide down the roof they can also damage the guttering below.

We can assess the damage that has occurred and replace any damaged roofing batten and roofing felt underneath which may have been affected by any leak. We can then  repair these tiles or slates using galvanised nails, this will prevent a repeat of the problem

Please read our testimonials from our satisfied customers.


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Leaking Gutters

A vital but often neglected part of the roof, blocked/faulty guttering can cause serious water damage to your property and encourage mould growth and damp ingress into your walls. The end result could be very expensive to repair.

You have to address these guttering repairs as soon as possible before any serious damage occurs. Stormproof Roofing & Cladding are on hand to resolve the following issues:

  • Gutter repair and replacement

  • Down pipe replacement and refitting

  • Roof guards to prevent tiles or slates damaging your conservatory roof.

  • Specialist guttering for listed properties.

  • Damaged fascia repair or replacement

  • Installation and design for new properties.

leaking roof vally and gully.jpg

Leaking Valleys or Gullys

Another common roof repair is pointing, tiles, slates or leadwork missing or dislodged in the roof valley or gully. The roof valley is usually where two different roof angles meet. This can be a vulnerable area on many roofs and can lead to expensive internal damage if its not repaired. The slate or tile nails can rot (see Nail Rot and Corrosion) and this can cause the lead to be damaged as they slide out or move. We sometimes find that an incorrect lead code (thickness) or length has been used when the roof was installed, this can cause the lead to tear under its own weight with natural movement. It can also be more easily punctured if its not thick enough.

We always ensure the correct lead code and correct length is used for lead valleys, gullys and chimney flashing to give our customers a roof thats leak free for years to come.


Fixing the Roof

Flat Roof or Lead Roof Repairs

The flat roof or lead roof is arguably one of the most vulnerable areas of your roof.

Because of the shallow pitch of the roof its more susceptible to damage from the elements.

Lead can move over time and if its not installed correctly it can tear under its own weight.


Roofing felt is also easy to damage and doesn't last as long as lead. One of the most important requirements is the fall of the flat roof. If the fall isn't enough or its even falling the wrong way, this can result in pooling of the rain water which can seep through an old roof and also freeze and crack the roofing felt. if your lead or flat roof is leaking, the best option is to replace the entire roof as new, but there are lots of options if your budget wont stretch to a new roof replacement.


If done correctly, it may be possible to apply a patch over the damaged area or weld a patch onto a lead roof. Although this isn't a long term solution, it will certainly resolve the issue for the near future until a more permanent fix is found.


If we are replacing the entire roof and have to remove the rotten boards underneath, we could also install insulation if required to ensure the room below has better heat retention.

We have done hundreds of roofing repairs in the St Albans area, please read our testimonials from our satisfied customers.

chimney repair and repointing.jpeg
chimney cowl.jpeg

Chimney Repairs and Re-pointing

Any area where the roof is penetrated is an obvious weak point, and a chimney is one of those places. In a tiled or slate roof, the chimney usually has lead 'step' flashing either side and a small gully behind it. Over time, the cement pointing that holds these flashings in place can fall out letting water in behind. Or even worse the lead can become dislodged too and lead to even more leaks.

Chimneys are usually difficult to get to and many need scaffolding access constructed which can be costly, and as a result tend not to be repaired as often as required. After being neglected for such long periods they can need a lot of work when we gain access. We will take photos and show you any problems with your chimney and recommend what work is a priority so you can make an informed decision.


Chimneys can also be a cause of damp so a chimney cowl may need to be fitted to stop rain entering the top. A chimney cowl is also useful to 'cap off' any chimneys that are not used any more, still allowing the air to circulate so the chimney can 'breathe'.

A typical chimney overhaul would involve:

  • fixing any lead back in place or replace with new lead.

  • Applying a new layer of rendering over the top of the chimney where the pots are.

  • Re pointing the main chimney and around any lead flashing where necessary.

  • Replacing any broken slates or tiles in the area.

We do tend to find that the slates or tiles are often damaged around chimneys, ​this is usually a result of other items that may have been fixed to it like aerials or satellite dishes so we will resolve this while we are up there.

We have  repaired lots of chimneys in the St Albans area, please read our testimonials from our satisfied customers.