Cleaning a Rain Gutter


A vital but often neglected part of the roof, blocked/faulty gutters can cause serious water damage to your property and encourage mould growth and damp. The end result could potentially be very costly to repair. We provide a full gutter replacement and repair service in St Albans and surrounding areas to ensure your gutters are safe and leak free.

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So why not fix the guttering issue before it gets any worse and call us out to make sure the rain water is lead safely away from your property.

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Leaking Gutters

Leaking guttering can be a costly roofing problem to have. There are many different sorts of guttering and in the situation where you get two terraced houses with one type of guttering joined onto another, different type, you can get leaks.  Another issue is that gutter down pipes tent to creep down in their wall brackets over the years and this leads to the top of the down pipe becoming dislodged from the main outlet up on the roof. This can be resolved by refitting new wall brackets to grip the down pipe sufficiently. Tiles or slates can slide down the roof and hit the gutter causing it to shatter or become disconnected, this can be rectified by ensuring all the slates or tiles are fitted correctly and replacing the damaged guttering.

If you have a conservatory, falling tiles, slates or frozen ice and snow can be a real worry. We can fit a retaining wire roof guard to stop these falling items doing expensive damage to your conservatory or flat roof.

If your property is close to trees, you may find that your gutters get blocked, especially in the Autumn.

We can come and clear all the blockages and also install wire covers over the tops of the down pipes to prevent further blockage. This is a cheap, effective method and very easy to do. 

Most guttering these days is plastic, but you can still get extruded metal guttering if required. This is sometimes used on older, listed properties. Over the years we have worked on many different types of listed building, and have a wide knowledge of the different roofing product available to suit these types of buildings.

If you want to find out more about the most common roofing problems, please see our Roofing Repairs page, where you can read in more detail about the problems and the solutions.

 We will repair or replace your faulty guttering ensuring its leak free and safe for years to come.

Please read our testimonials from our satisfied customers.