Fixing the Roof


Stormproof Roofing & Cladding Ltd is fully insured for the use of heat. We have all the necessary knowledge to provide you with a flat roof that is second to none. Sometimes its possible just to carry out a flat roof repair, or we may have to offer a new flat roof replacement. Using high quality built-up felt layers, we will ensure your flat roof will stand the test of time. Using tried and tested techniques, Stormproof Roofing has installed hundreds of flat roofs in the area. From a small shed or garage up to a large commercial project, Stormproof Roofing & Cladding can provide your flat roof with an impenetrable barrier against the elements.

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Flat Roof or Lead Roof Repairs

The flat roof or lead roof is arguably one of the most vulnerable areas of your roof.

Because of the shallow pitch of the roof its more susceptible to damage from the elements.

Lead can move over time and if its not installed correctly it can tear under its own weight. Roofing felt is also easy to damage and doesn't last as long as lead - about 10- 15 years.

The roofing felt is protected from the heat from the sun in one of two ways, The first is green mineral. This is a covering of mineral thats pre-fixed to the roofing felt (much like you see on some shed roofs). The other way is stone chippings. These are light in colour, and reflect the suns rays to protect the felt underneath.

One of the most important requirements is the fall of the flat roof. If the fall isn't enough or even worse if its falling the wrong way, this can result in pooling of the rain water which can seep through an old roof and also freeze and crack the roofing felt. if your lead or flat roof is leaking, the best option is to replace the entire roof as new, but there are plenty of options if your budget wont stretch to a new roof replacement. It may be possible to apply a patch over the damaged area or weld a patch onto a lead roof. Although this isn't a long term solution, it will certainly resolve the issue for the near future until a more permanent fix is found.

If you want to find out more about the most common roofing problems, please see our Roofing Repairs page, where you can read in more detail about the problems and the solutions.

If we are replacing the entire roof and have to remove the rotten boards underneath, we could also install insulation if required to ensure the room below has better heat retention.

We have done countless roofing repairs in the St Albans area, please read our testimonials from our satisfied customers.